Friday, 26 June 2009

Travelling day one-Silom, Bangkok

Where do I start...?
Our flight was 11 hours which was completely bearable as we thought it was going to be 17, and I got to watch some cool films so- bonus! When we arrived we took a bus into Silom, Bangkok which took 2 hours instead of one due to the traffic, during which we saw some poor guy puking out of the cab window looking seriously pale! We were told to get off on some random street... totally lost. We didn't have a map, just a piece of paper with the name of our hostel on, which no-one seemed to have heard of, so we walked around with our 13 kilo backpacks on, in 33 degree heat for an hour getting majorly sweaty, the humidity here is like nothing i've ever experienced before!
The streets of Bangkok are friggin nuts, atleast every 10 steps someone would point and ask about my tattoos, shove a flyer in our faces about a sex show, or ask if we wanted to go for a ride in a tuk tuk (a little motorised cart) so it was pretty hard to get through the crouds, along with that the roads are all smashed up and theres chunks of concrete everywhere, definitely not a good place to be wearing flip flops.
Saw some disturbing things as well, a man was dragging himself along the floor on a skateboard using his mangled hands because he'd lost a leg and the other one was bandaged and bloody, another man had lost both his eyes and was also begging for money so this kinda freaked me out!
The streets at night are packed with people, market stalls, bright lights, scooters, people selling jewellery and clothes, also some bizzare looking food which i'm definitely going to try at some point this week (I hear crickets are a local delicacy!) The different smells of the food are amazing but when your away from it all, pretty much all you can smell is the sewer or your own sweaty armpits.
We're staying at the HQ hostel, which is really nice and clean with a massive communal bathroom but it's pretty expensive and the rooms are tiny (although the beds are big and the pilllows are comfy!) but the 'included breakfast' is just a small bowl of cereal. The games room is cool though, looks a bit like an ikea showroom and there's free internet, massive beanbags, dvds and even a playstation 2 -sweet!
We also noticed that the pictures printed on ciggarette packets are so disgustingly repulsive that I can't even bring myself to buy a packet! Maybe this is something England should think about...

Off to check out the town, catch some rays and take some snaps!

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