Tuesday, 30 June 2009

day 4-Silom, Bangkok

So i'm writing up yesterdays post because i got so wasted last night that i couldn't even stand up let alone type a blog.
We checked out of HQ hostel and took a cab to our next destination, Trang hotel, which was pretty sweet! air conditioning, en suite, pretty clean. We met a girl in the lobby called Daisy who turned out to be from our town, small world eh! Me, Emma and Daisy all needed to get on the net and the hotels computers were down so we needed to get to an internet cafe...this 'really nice man' stopped us and wrote down all these places to check out and we thought he was super nice, he told us to get a tuk tuk and that it'd only cost us 30 baht (about 70p) so we got in this tuk tuk and the guy took us to this little temple-sweet, that was cool, then he took us to a tailors... tuk tuks are basically a scam to tourists to get them to buy suits and dresses so that the driver gets shit loads of commission, which we didnt know, but the tailor guys were really funny and one of them was totally inked up to his eyeballs with some lush tattoos!
finally got to an internet cafe, did our thing then headed back to the hotel.
Decided we didnt want to go on the tour that we'd paid 300 quid for because apon arrival we were asked to pay another 300 dollars! plus emma's foot was bad and everyone in the tour group was younger than us so we felt kinda wierd.
Met the guys, and headed out to Kossam Road (party central) Emma put a condom on her foot because she decided it'd be more effective than a plaster, we went to the first bar, drank some 'buckets' - literally a bucket with a whole bottle of whisky in and some red bull, went to some other bars, danced on tables, danced in the street, Emma almost got started on by this midget woman because she spilled her drink on her foot, everyone was singing happy birthday in the street it was awesome, and i got to meet some more people from around the world.
Got absolutely hammered, stumbled all the way home in the rain, fell over in the lift, fell over in the hotel room and was laughing so loud that I probably woke up everyone on our floor.
Best night out I've ever had.

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