Sunday, 28 June 2009

Day 3- Silom Bangkok

Todays been mostly a chilled out one. Me, Emma, Jono, Kim and Rory all decided to check out the Great Palace, which involved a short train ride and then a nice little boat ride down a really smelly river towards the palace. The pavements and roads in Bangkok are all pretty messed up, there's craters in the ground all over the show and as a result of this Emma tripped over and smashed her toe, there was a big ol' chunk of skin flapping off and blood started pissing out all over the floor! Emma's super squemish, she looked like a ghost and the heat and lack of food probably didn't help so she ended up laying on the pavement for about 20 minutes... in a nest of red ants.
Eventually she got it together and we headed off to the palace.
We started off by checking out the 'reclining buddha' which is a temple with a massive gold buddha inside and by massive i mean bigger than my house! We had to keep covered when inside the temple, cover up pretty much any visible skin and remove our shoes which sucked because it was so damn hot.
The novelty wore off after a while and we went for a little wander, took some silly pictures of eachother with the temple guards and headed back to the hostel.
The plan for tonight was to go out and find some crickets to eat but after dinner the heavens opened and it's been raining now for probably the last two hours, so myself and Jono (a crazy Irish dude) are checking out sweet tattoo artists on the net, listening to cheesy music and educating eachother with our music tastes.
....... later on we wanted more booze so me and jono went to this bar in town, ended up staying for a few drinks. Something was going down with this massive californian guy and these ladyboys, they were all shouting and swearing at eachother and i was pretty sure one of them had a knife, it went on for ages and then the guy evetually walked away and came and sat next to me. Him and Jono didn't get along too well and I thought they were going to have a fight too but things cooled down and we were about to walk home until it started absolutely pissing it down with rain-and rain means rats and cockroaches! so we hung about a while, got pretty trashed and i eventually stumbled in at 5 o clock in the morning!

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